Drum Winch

The winch is a multilayer four section winch type, It has a rigid base frame (steel welded construction), the drum is steel and is supported on one end by a very strong slewing ring and at the other end by over-speed device, the winch is powered by a geared brake electric motor, the motor has a lever for manual release of brake, the over-speed device is centrifugal type and has an electric switch to give signal if the device is activated, the four suspension wire ropes are all load bearing giving an extra ordinary safety factor to the system compared to traction hoist systems, the smooth winding method guarantees an economic long life of the suspension ropes.

  • Building height or Rope length –up to 250m
  • Lifting capacity – up to 1 ton.

Minimum Safety features:

  • Electromagnetic brake in winch motor (primary brake)
  • Over-speed emergency brake at winch machine (secondary brake)
  • Winch motor with manual emergency descent release wheel
  • No-power emergency descent speed controlled
  • Slack rope safety device on winch drum
  • Over-winding control limit switch on winch drum
  • End of wire rope limit switch
  • Slip ring for copper conductor wire rope

Power supply 3 phase (400-415 v, 50/60 Hz)